This is the first time I post a question here. I am a newbie researcher and want to write a report about Big Data influence on machine learning to improve predictive analytics. I looked through Google for any relevant study shed the light on this subject, but what I found only briefed articles that are not suited to be good resource. Is there any resource I can use through the web as I looked through different libraries and didn't find any good resources relevant? Any help would be much appreciated.


"The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data" is an insightful article, written by by some Google researchers in 2010.

If you search for articles that have cited this, you'll find plenty of stuff to read.

  • Thank you very much for your post, I liked The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Data" report. It is really knowledgeable – Dodi Feb 15 '16 at 20:23

Predictive Analysis is important to web analytics and useful for predicting what may happen in the future.

You may find this video helpful about Predictive Analytics.

They offer a ton of helpful insight on how predictive analytics fit into the spectrum of analytics and data science, especially when it comes to big data!

Hopefully, this will help clarify!

Best Wishes, Bethany

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