Authorities of each country register cars when they are bought or scrapped. Is there an open statistics of average life time for each car model?

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United States of America

The Vehicle Inventory and Use Survey conducted by the United States Census included the following information for trucks, which included SUV's and minivans:

  • Vehicle Acquisition Month and Year
  • Vehicle Make and Model Year
  • Vehicle Disposal Month and Year

The data is predominantly truck focused as it was previously referred to as the Truck Use Survey, it was intermittent and was discontinued in 2002.


The Motor Vehicle Census provides statistics for vehicle type and vehicle characteristics including: make, manufacturer, and type of fuel. The free Excel file is good, but if you register with the Australian Bureau of Statistics you can build your own table using the microdata, which may include the length of ownerships from which you can start to build time series of ownership.

Note: In the United States, the Departments of Motor Vehicles for each state has the information you would like. They are very guarded about sharing this information.

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