I'm analyzing political texts and I need the writings of random political authors.

So far I found a dataset of four political blogs normalized for text analysis. But that's not enough.

I thought about RSS of political blogs. Feedly and Wordpress have these categories, but no convenient way of extracting RSS feeds or even the list of the blogs. The same for Dmoz.

Do you have any ideas where such a list of RSS feeds (or blogs) might be? Or only crawling may help?

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    Fwiw, although you may have considered this already (I can't entirely tell from your question), most Wordpress blogs will have their RSS feeds at a common address.
    – Tim Malone
    May 29, 2016 at 4:13

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There is a blog that lists political blogs based in the US:


Categories (count of listed blogs):

  • Conservative (108)

  • Liberal (70)

  • Non/Bi-Partisan or Independent/Moderate (11)

  • Libertarian (14)

  • Green (1)

  • Humor (3)

  • Region Specific (1)

  • Issue Specific (2)

  • Uncategorized (104)

The list is originally from 2005, but many that I checked are still active.

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