Just updated my mimic-code directory after some changes were made yesterday to the postgres configuration files. Reimporting the data and getting the following error for the admissions table:

postgres=# \set admissions_csv :mimic_data_dir 'ADMISSIONS_DATA_TABLE.csv'
postgres=# COPY ADMISSIONS FROM :'admissions_csv' DELIMITER ',' CSV HEADER;
ERROR:  invalid input syntax for type timestamp: "CHEST PAIN\CATH"
CONTEXT:  COPY admissions, line 2, column edregtime: "CHEST PAIN\CATH"

I know this is because the data I'm using is missing the edregtime column - is the appropriate data for these updates accessible on physionet?


It looks like you are trying to load MIMIC-III (v1.1) data using the MIMIC-III (v1.2) build scripts. edregtime is a new column that was added between v1.1 and v1.2.

Major issues addressed, including additional data made available:


#151 - The time of emergency department registration and exit has been added to the admissions table, where available.

The latest version of the data can be downloaded from the MIMIC-III project page on PhysioNet.

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