Maybe I missed it on the FEC API site (https://api.open.fec.gov/developers/) but does anyone know if there's a glossary which defines all of the elements in the models? For example, if you scroll down to /Financial/ and open up /committee/{committee_id}/reports/ you some obvious items like: all_loans_received_period (integer, optional),

Which I imagine is all the loans taken by the committee in that period; and some mysterious ones, like: fed_candidate_committee_contributions_period

Are these contributions to the committee from Federal candidates? To Federal candidates?

I have a bunch of clarifying questions on the listed items but before I start just asking everything I was wondering if these terms are defined somewhere.


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the original fec site is still main reference while the other is in beta. search for metadata, data dictionary, or glossary. here's a few, but i'm sure there are others. you should add the ones you find here:

Electioneering Communications metadata
Committee report by report metadata
Transaction Type Codes metadata

More Terms

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