If you're looking to track enrollment of minority students over time, what's the best way to accommodate changes in IPEDS definitions after 2009?

I am presuming UGDS_WHITE (after 2009) maps to UGDS_WHITENH and UGDS_BLACK maps to UGDS_BLACKNH.

Looks like things get a bit tougher converting UGDS_ASIAN and UGDS_NHPI back to UGDS_API.

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Note that IPEDS detailed descriptions of changes in race categories are noted here: https://nces.ed.gov/ipeds/news_room/ana_Changes_to_10_25_2007_169.asp . In developing trend reports, NCES converts race categories to the new naming categories and shows the old Asian and Pacific Islander Category and the new Asian and the new Hawaiian and other Pacific Islander categories with N/A in the appropriate cells where old and new reporting begins and ends. A resource that can provide assistance on this matter is the IPEDS Data Use Help Desk (866) 558-0658 or [email protected]

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