I see that MIMIC-III's noteevents table contains a column ISERROR, which is a CHAR(1), but no explanation. What does ISERROR represent (i.e. what error are we talking about)?


The Metavision workstation allows physicians to add notes relating to patients. These notes are created using template forms, which include a 'Set as Error' button as shown in the following screenshot (captured from the training notes highlighted below):

enter image description here

A '1' in the ISERROR column of the noteevents table indicates that a physician has selected the 'Set as Error' button. An example of an error is where a note has been associated with the incorrect patient.

Training notes for the Metavision system with a brief discussion of the 'Set as Error' button are available at: http://portal.mah.harvard.edu/metavision_training/pnotes.asp (see slide 89/109)

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