Do you know a technique to find spatial indicators using the package TwitteR in R? For instance if I have to find the word "dog" using the package twitteR, but I miss the coordinates, there is the possibility to find the localization of the tweets thanks to some indications included in the time-zone, websites, UTC24offset,text message. How can I say to R to detect my list of Tweets contains the word "dog" using the spatial indicators just mentioned?


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You could use the utc_offset or time_zone keys of the user section of a tweet.json (I trimmed the user dict) - full tweet description:

   "time_zone":"Pacific Time (US & Canada)",
   "created_at":"Wed May 23 06:01:13 +0000 2007"

But this is based on the user account and not on a specific tweet. Still, it gives you a probabilistic geolocation for non-geotagged tweets.

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