I am looking for a dataset of queries that are posted in live chats or service providing chats. I want to test my API for tagging a query that is entered by the customer as a question or not a question. I am not able to find a suitable dataset that include some samples like:

  1. where should I go to eat food.
  2. Book a cab which serves food.

The first statement is a question where as second is not.These are the types of queries that a customer might use with out it being grammatically correct. I need a dataset consisting of such data which are used in spoken English.


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The NPS Chat Corpus is a sample of messages from various online chat platforms tagged by part of speech at the word and passage level. Excerpts from the dataset description:

Description of the NPS Chat Corpus

The NPS Chat Corpus, Release 1.0 consists of 10,567 posts out of approximately 500,000 posts we have gathered from various online chat services in accordance with their terms of service. Future releases will contain more posts from more domains. New releases will be announced and described at


The posts included in Release 1.0 have been:

1) Hand privacy masked; 2) Part-of-speech tagged; and 3) Dialogue-act tagged.


The dialogue-act tags are Accept, Bye, Clarify, Continuer, Emotion, Emphasis, Greet, No Answer, Other, Reject, Statement, System, Wh-Question, Yes Answer, Yes/No Question. (See [2] and [3], below.)

Sample Post

Here is a sample post from the corpus:

<Post class="whQuestion" user="11-08-teensUser117">whats balck and white and red all over?<terminals>
               <t pos="WP" word="whats"/>
               <t pos="^JJ" word="balck"/>
               <t pos="CC" word="and"/>
               <t pos="JJ" word="white"/>
               <t pos="CC" word="and"/>
               <t pos="JJ" word="red"/>
               <t pos="DT" word="all"/>
               <t pos="IN" word="over"/>
               <t pos="." word="?"/>
</terminals> </Post>


Eric N. Forsyth and Craig H. Martell, "Lexical and Discourse Analysis of Online Chat Dialog," Proceedings of the First IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC 2007), pp. 19-26, September 2007. http://faculty.nps.edu/cmartell/NPSChat.htm.

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