I am looking for data sets containing dialogues labeled with speech acts. I am open as to the definition of a dialogue, e.g. message board posts are good too (1).

Example (FOL, QST, and RES are speech act categories; opening, info, confirm, positive are speech act attributes):

(G) Hi, good afternoon. 0000    FOL(opening)
(T) Hi, good afternoon. 0001    FOL(opening)
(G) %Uh this is tour guide %uh number one And my name is Lynnette.  0002    FOL(opening); FOL(info-opening)
(G) And how do I address you?   0003    QST(opening)
(T) I'm %uh participant number twenty and my name is %uh John.  0004    FOL(info)
(G) John?   0005    QST(confirm-opening)
(G) Hi John.    0006    FOL(opening)
(T) Yup.    0007    RES(confirm)
(T) I'm good.   0008    FOL(opening-positive)

(1) Qadir, Ashequl, and Ellen Riloff. "Classifying sentences as speech acts in message board posts." Proceedings of the Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing. Association for Computational Linguistics, 2011.

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