I am looking for some source of data on trade imbalance at a county level in the US, preferably for the years 1990-2007. Does anyone know if such data can be publicly available? Or any paper that has been using data like this?

UPD: to break this down, I am looking for:

  • international import/export statistics by US county,

  • intra-state trade statistics, meaning shipments between counties within the US.

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I'm not sure you'll find exactly the data you want here because the data available looks quite difficult to explore but I would try the USA Counties Data File Downloads page of the US Census Bureau.

Some counties seems to give access to trade data too.

Hope it'll help ;)

  • unfortunately, this is not exactly what I am looking for, but anyways thanks for the links - I definitely haven't seen this data before, nice to explore:)
    – cheesecake
    Commented Sep 8, 2015 at 13:43

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