Is there a way to access previous craigslist postings in bulk? Particularly interested in being able to select certain categories and download all listings at certain time periods for that category.

Or am I better off just crawling and slowly building the required data set over time?

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You can use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to retrieve old Craigslist pages.

For example, capture dates:


And one archived page:


All of these links go to archived listings. For example:


Instead of screen-scraping, there is an API, which makes the process of finding archive dates for individual pages.

This simple API for Wayback is a test to see if a given url is archived and currenlty accessible in the Wayback Machine.

Here is a small python script to access the API.

The good thing about Craigslist is that one you give the host-name (i.e. sfbay.craigslist.org), the rest of the URL structure should be similar. You can also scrape the main page to get all the host-names (sfbay, newyork, etc).

You'll find a complete list of categories sites on the CL bulk loading page.

Other ideas:

For other ideas, take a look at these questions from StackOverflow


Why dont you use the API suggested by Programmable web, including that of Craigslist bulk posting, 3Taps etc?



You could also use https://clippings.june07.com/, it's open source:

blog: https://june07.com/introduction-clippings/

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