In Great Britain, Real Time Trains shows the actual departure, arrival, and passing times at any control point (station stop or not) for any train (passenger, freight, or other) anywhere in Great Britain (England, Wales, and Scotland). Many sites offer a similar service for flights. In the United States, Amtrak has an interactive map showing where their passenger trains are right now.

Are there any websites offering information similar to Real Time Trains for other European countries, such as France, Switzerland, or Germany? I'm mostly interested in a service showing all trains (passenger, freight, others) at any place (station stop or not). If that doesn't exist, I'm also interested in a website offering information as close to this as publicly available.


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Finland has a real-time and train tracking website - Live Train Map

With the Live train map you can track the movement of trains. The information is based on train GPS tracking.

direct link

enter image description here

  • Is that all trains, or just timetabled regular passenger trains?
    – gerrit
    Mar 21, 2016 at 22:38
  • It's passenger trains
    – philshem
    Mar 23, 2016 at 18:48

For the Netherlands someone built this map showing all passenger trains in currently in operation: http://spoorkaart.mwnn.nl/

This map is based on the data from this website: http://openov.nl/ (in Dutch, scroll all the way down for the data sets)


From Antony Joseph's answer: I believe this might be exactly what you're looking for: http://tracker.geops.ch/

examples from tracker.geops.ch


Here's a new-ish open source resource for live Swiss trains.


This map is an animation based on the official timetables of the Swiss Federal Railways(SBB) network.

Real time information available from the GTFS-RT feed by opentransportdata.swiss

enter image description here

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