The "black market premium" is commonly used as a determinant of economic growth. Data for all countries between 1960 and 1999 is available from the Global Development Network Growth Database at NYU here:


Does anyone know if there is a source that provides this variable after 1999?

Alternatively, is there a credible source that provides data on unofficial/parallel exchange rates that has decent coverage?

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I currently using Havoscope to look the global prices of black market. I'm not saying this is a secure source but the terms applied at least in my country, matches with other national resources about the same topic.

You can always search the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) database, which has lots of information about the financial movement of what is considered illegal markets. Now,if you look something more specific, I suggest to look in the country's statistic, specifically in the data provided by the government, regional blocks and NGOs. For example:

  • The Government of India has some data about the topic in their website; this is considering you're looking for national data.
  • When you're looking more data about Africa and the black market, search on Open Data for Africa; this is considering you're looking for regional data.

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