Since the accuracy and precision (repeatability) of a test is relevant to any decision; how do I find (or phrase) search's to find data on this for commercial clinics? I used to work for an animal diagnostic company and they continually evaluated their accredited testing facilities; so I am sure that human diagnostic testing facilitates must have records and audits by somebody.

This a rephrase of Validity, Utility and Cost of Clinical Tests


Sensitivity, Specificity, Positive Predictive Value, and Negative Predictive Value are used in medicine and public health to evaluate the accuracy of diagnosing patients with a certain disease or injury.

For instance, you might often come across journal articles which evaluate whether an ICD9 diagnosis of Severe Sepsis is accurate for a sample of patients by comparing the diagnosis with actual clinical charts and bio-markers.

This page offers an excellent general explanation as to what they mean and how they are used in research

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  • Thank you for the link; but I really wanted data on the repeatability/accuracy of routine testing at a commercial lab. For instance Leukocytes, Cholesterol, etc ... I have a wife who is getting transfusions every 2 weeks (more or less) based upon a measure of her active red blood cells. The doctors order the transfusion based upon the threshold and I want to know things like how likely it is that the transfusion order is late or premature because of lab error. We all make mistakes. I am also close to thresholds for glucose and want to know the chances of a false positive due to lab error. – rrogers Aug 19 '15 at 14:07

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