Is there a way to extract the labels of the statements (property and object) in Wikidata? I want to get all the information that there is here:https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q42, properties and objects with labels so both (wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P21, sex or gender) and (wikidata.org/wiki/Q6581097, male).

I've tried to do this using the wiki data toolkit, but I can't find a way to avoid doing multiple requests to the API (I'm now getting ids from the Q42 entities and then, for each of these, I send an API request to get the label.)

The problem is the same I've found in these two questions:

How to get the name of a Wikidata item


There's a way to get all the information when I retrieve the data for the Q42 entity?


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You could do it with SPARQL:

SELECT ?wdLabel ?ooLabel
  VALUES (?s) {(wd:Q42)}
  ?s ?wdt ?o .
  ?wd wikibase:directClaim ?wdt .
  ?wd rdfs:label ?wdLabel .
    ?o rdfs:label ?oLabel .
    FILTER (lang(?oLabel) = "en")
  FILTER (lang(?wdLabel) = "en")
  BIND (COALESCE(?oLabel, ?o) AS ?ooLabel)
 } ORDER BY xsd:integer(STRAFTER(STR(?wd), "http://www.wikidata.org/entity/P"))

Try it.

Perhaps the problem was that Wikidata supplies labels for entities in the wd: namespace only.

In order to provide labels for properties in the wdt: namespace, one have to use the special predicate wikibase:directClaim, which connects the wd: namespace entity for the property to its wdt: namespace representation.


You could try this one:


Which generates RDF description of Q42 containing most of what you need I think (also available as .nt or .rdf). Be careful with it though - it can produce a lot of info, for Q42 it's over 1M but can be even more.

You can make more specific query using the SPARQL interface but I don't understand the requirements enough to write an actual query.


This may help.

There is a python package called wikidata using which you can query.

Here is a sample : for entity 'Q5' you can check the label/description in eng(or other language) as shown below:

from wikidata.client import Client
client = Client()  # doctest: +SKIP
entity = client.get('Q5', load=True)
>>> entity.label.texts['en']

>>> entity.description.texts['en']
m'common name of Homo sapiens'

image_prop = client.get('P18')
image = entity[image_prop]
>>> image
<wikidata.commonsmedia.File 'File:KBS "The Producers" press conference, 11 May 2015 10.jpg'>
>>> image.image_resolution
(820, 1122)
>>> image.image_url

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