Is there a public database containing vehicle speed or vehicle acceleration with location info like GPS, in a particular route, (for one trip or multiple trips)?

  1. latitude-x, longitude-x, speed1 or acceleration1
  2. latitude-y, longitude-y, speed2 or acceleration2 etc...

I tried to find data uploaded from some "trip recorder" device or car dash-camera recorded data, but I don't find any such data.

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You can derive speed and acceleration from timestamp and latitude/longitude with .gpx files (GPS Exchange Format), although you'll have to use GPS traces that are dense.

One source of public .gpx files is OpenStreetMap Traces.

One method to compute velocity (and elevation profile) from a .gpx file is gpxplot. If you do the calculations yourself, make sure to use the Haversine formula to calculate distances from lat/long.

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Many years later... (to anyone of interest), found this by chance, gyro, accelerometer vs long, lat for a study to predcit is the former one are more accuracte by using RNNs https://databank.illinois.edu/datasets/IDB-5975383

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