My aim is to give intelligent support to the textbox where the user will type the medicine name that they want, and I will provide suggestions of the medicine.

For this purpose, i want to get the list of all names of medicines from OpenFDA.

I am able to retrieve the particular medicine details from their site, by using this query:


But, I am unable to get all the details of the medication.

I have also seen this link, and have been told to use this API all alone and not any other API.

Could someone help me to understand how to do this?



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If, for some reason, you must use openFDA for this use case, you could go ahead and page through the following API call:


However, this isn't too helpful because brand_names are duplicated so you would then have to have the user specify, somehow, which record they want (or maybe you can make some sort of assumption).


i developed an example here. This worked fine for me. I hope this helps you @NANDAKUMAR.


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