I am trying to search some of the "free text" fields that have values with commas, apostrophes, etc. With the encoding I have tried all combinations of quotes, parenthesis, etc. however it always results in an error.

I have tried URL encoding and other approaches that seem RFC 3986 compliant, however I always seem to get this error:

{ error: { code: "BAD_REQUEST", message: "" } }

Here's an example of a search: http://api.fda.gov/food/enforcement.json?limit=1&search=product_description:(Today%27s+Harvest)

[The above should search for Today's Harvest]

Is this type of search possible/supported?

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Unfortunately, we don't allow embedded single-quotes in search strings. You will have to get creative. The following query appears to get find what you are looking for: http://api.fda.gov/food/enforcement.json?limit=10&search=product_description:%22Harvest(TM)%22

Good luck.

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    Thanks for the definitive response. However you might want to look to support this in the future as this seems (naive?) like a fairly straight-forward feature.
    – philarmour
    Commented Jun 24, 2015 at 1:57

We concur. Query errors should return a real value, not just an error. For instance, providing an error when a count = 0 is not useful to anyone. Not supporting embedded single-quotes in search strings is also short-sighted. Either adjust the data to remove apostrophes or provide a more robust error response.

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