The Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics competitions will presumably be held at many stadiums and other sport venues.

Is there a list of them?

Necessary details for each venue:

  • Name of the venue in English
  • Name of the venue in Japanese
  • Latitude/longitude
  • Sports the venue is used for

An official list would be the best.

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The venue list on the official page now lists venue for both Olympics and Paralympics.

enter image description here

Additionally, the HTML source has geographical names in addition to venue name, which should help for geocoding.

      <td class="icon"><img src="/assets/img/common/list/icon-no10.png" alt="(10)Yumenoshima, Koto-ku, Tokyo" ></td>
          <a class="iconListQuaternary not_hover">Dream Island Archery Field</a>

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics travel guide at Wikivoyage has a list of venues:



  • Unofficial
  • Written in prose, thus difficult to reuse
  • Not sure whether complete

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