Is anyone aware of 'social classification' data sources used, for example, here:

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    Usually, such data is collected from national census, household surveys, and commercial sources. Jun 15 '15 at 12:11
  • As of 2021 June, the website referenced in this question seems to no longer be active. Jun 24 '21 at 7:33

The data on this site uses the sum of AB and C1 from the census 2011 social classification data.

It can be downloaded without charge from NOMISWEB (ONS). I think the particular dataset you are after is LC6124EW (LC = Local characteristics; EW= England/Wales). You should also find the same dataset for Scotland suffixed SC instead.

More info on the details of the classification can be found here


The specific classifications you refer to sound very much like MOSAIC data from Experian. We use this in Local Government and the classifications sound exactly like that. It's a commercial dataset though and it doesn't look like there are any free or open versions. Looks like that website uses a variety of sources but I would take a bet that MOSAIC is one of the primary ones.

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