I'm looking for California water district boundaries, both private and public in any geographic format.

This data appears to be available on Data.gov HERE and HERE, but the links are dead. I've contacted all the email addresses linked to from the metadata, and some other folks I found by both email and through Twitter.

The contact email is listed as [email protected] but delivery to that email address fails permanently. Also, don't bother contacting Lorri Peltz-Lewis who is mentioned somewhere in the metadata. She is helpful, but no longer works at the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.
I've emailed the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation with no response so far.

If anyone has this data, or is willing to help me out I would greatly appreciate it! I was about to give up, but have some very cool map visualizations in mind.

EDIT: If anyone else is looking for this data, it's now converted to GeoJSON and available here. Make sure to read the README.md file.


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this data is now available on open data se's datahub.io account, here:

For those times when data was posted, but has since disappeared, you can try The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. It does have some limitations, as it won't violate a robots.txt file and it may not archive large files, but in your particular case, it seems to have copies of the two files from 2009-2010:

I've verified that the most recent copies both unzip without errors, but I haven't done any other testing to determine if they're intact / complete.


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