Is there any blog and / or link where I can get regular updates on the release of latest open data sources across world?


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There are two additional options here.

  1. If you know of an open data portal for a country or topic you are interested in, many allow you to subscribe to their data updates or releases.
  2. If you do not know that a source exists and are looking for one, several aggregator sites are referenced in a recent answer to your related questions on international aggregators for NGO data. Additionally, on Data.gov we track official government open data portals, and I can certainly look into creating a subscription feed there.

Check out http://databullet.in. It's operated by Knoema/The World Bank but aggregates data releases as they occur from about two dozen different sources.

Also, I would recommend Quartz's Atlas for newsworthy datasets, Graphiq for even more journalistic-geared dataset releases and the social network data.world.


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