Are there data sets out there that have data about exporting products and services overseas? I want to build an app that helps U.S. businesses increase their international sales.

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The International Trade Administration (ITA) has just released Version 2 of all of its APIs on its Data Services Platform. This means developers can access even more export data, more easily.

Here are the updates

  1. New Data: You asked and we answered! We are now providing access to:
    • Tariff Rates from all US Free Trade Agreements
    • FAQs About Exporting.
  2. More Data: We are adding more data to our existing data sets:
    • Additional screening lists
    • Trade Events from more trade agencies
    • Overseas opportunities from FedBizOpps
  3. Friendlier: We’ve made it easier and more secure for developers to get the data they are looking for.

You can learn more about the details on ITA's wiki.

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