I want to create an app that shows free WiFi hotspots around you, even if you have no Internet connection yet.

So, I need a re-distributable database of free WiFi hotspots for the whole world.

  • For each hotspot, I just need its latitude/longitude.
  • Hotspots that are free but require user registration or terms approval should either be excluded or have metadata indicating that.

http://freewifiwiki.net has hotspots info, but each hotspot is only a line of free text, often including an address but it would be difficult for a program to split address and prose.

  • Your app would get great coverage if users could automatically upload open WiFi details with a button push (SSID, latitude and longitiude). – philshem Mar 28 '15 at 6:21
  • @philshem: Yes, and that would be a great way to contribute back, if this data is found to be reliable :-) (GPS is often rather inaccurate, so I might have to wait for several people to push the same hotspot before considering it as reliable) – Nicolas Raoul Mar 30 '15 at 3:46

I don't think the coverage is very complete, but Open Street Maps has a key called internet_access.

With this key you can use tags like wlan to find open WLAN.

To find free WLAN, add the internet_access:fee=no option

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Look at freifunk-karte.de there are 12k Hotspots in Germany. You should find the API and the JSONs at http://api.freifunk.net

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maybe one of these help: https://www.mylnikov.org/archives/1170 http://openwlanmap.org/db/db.tar.bz2 found by wikipedia, search 4 "Wi-Fi positioning system"

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