I've managed to stand up a CKAN instance, and would now like to preview GeoJSON data in CKAN. According to the ckanext-spatial documentation, I don't need to install the full ckanext-spatial package, I only need to add resource_proxy geojson_preview to my ckan.pluginsvariable in my config file.

I'm able to successfully add resource_proxy, but when I add geojson_preview and restart my server, I get a 500 error. The server logs report a PluginNotFoundException. I assume this is referring to the ckanext-spatial plugin, which I'd prefer not to install (includes PostGIS, etc) is there any way around this?

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Just to be clear, you still need to do the steps on the "Install the extension" section to enable the plugin.

As an aside, we will move the geospatial previews to a separate CKAN extension to avoid this issue of having to install the ckanext-spatial requirements. I'll add a note here when it's done, or keep an eye on the ckan-dev mailing list.


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