What open data is available about the number of visitors, type of browsers, etc. of U.S. Federal websites? Is there both historical and real-time web analytics data available to the public?

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The US Government's Digital Analytics Program (DAP) has been working on unified Web analytics for federal agencies for a couple of years

Recently they launched a nice web site that displays the top data: https://analytics.usa.gov/



You can find some stats for individual sites by searching for the names of weblog analyzers that generate HTML reports and restrict by agency domain. For example:

The current administration lifted the restriction on 'sharing data with third parties' if there was some sort of a benefit ... so some agencies started using Google Analytics or similar.

For example, see the following sections of NASA's privacy policy:

Automatically Collected Information

This website uses Google Analytics Premium. ...


Providing Information to Third Parties

NASA may share information with private organizations as part of a service that provides NASA users with increased capabilities or functionality on the site.

I see nothing in their policy that forbids them from sharing data if there isn't a benefit, so it's possible that a FOIA request might be able to get access to it.

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