I would like to get a list of all the current ministers in Germany. Those are CLAIM[39:248352]. This gives me all ministers that have ever been there though. I would like to limit it on the current ones though.

So I figured I could go for NOCLAIM[582] (no enddate). How can I apply this to the minister data and not the person himself though?

CLAIM[39:248352] AND NOCLAIM[582]

Would return all objects that claim to be ministers and have no enddate but I want all objects that claim to be ministers and the minister property has no enddate...

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Ok, I found out how to do this. You can use curly braces to further filter on your qualifiers. So the query to get all people that are Bundesminister and where the Bundesminister has a start but no end time is:

CLAIM[39:248352]{CLAIM[580] AND NOCLAIM[582]}

demo link

I found out by reading: http://magnusmanske.de/wordpress/?p=178

And specifically by the example query for the winner of the Royal Medal in 1853.


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