Is google translate monolingual definitions open for commercial use? Am I violating intellectual property to use english words definitions in my english quiz app?

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If you are using the Google Translate API then you are allowed commercial use. But there is no free quota for the API (terms of service, pricing). If you are a paying customer, you can use the translations for commercial use (with attribution if you use them directly).

I suspect you are not talking about the paid API but instead either scraping yourself or using a package like goslate. These tools are against the Terms of Google so you may find that they aren't very stable (goslate works by faking a user-agent). Building a commercial app based on these data sources is probably not a good idea. See the comments here for more discussion.

(if you want simple, single word translations with a flexible license, check out using Anki decks, for example)


The official Google Translate API does not offer dictionary data. (If you must know: Google has traditionally paid for licences for dictionary data from various sources, with varying quality, for the various languages.) So I assume you are scraping and thus on poor legal footing, but I doubt it will be a problem in practice.

One great and ever-improving source of dictionary data is Wiktionary. There are well-tested open-source parsers and clients available, just like for Wikipedia.

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