How would I get the eccentricity (Property:P1096) of Venus (Q313) in the article en:Mars?

I have figured out that I have to write {{#property:P1096}} if I want to get a property of the page on that page, but another pages property seems not to work.

What I've tried

None of these worked:

  • {{#property:P1096|of=Q313}} <- includes the property of the current page
  • {{#property:P1096|id=Q313}} <- includes the property of the current page
  • {{Q313#property:P1096}} <- messes up

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According to v0.4 of the Wikidata inclusion syntax, this feature has not been implemented yet. The progress of this feature is available in the Wikimedia bug tracking system.


And just to add to the others, now it is available on English Wikipedia, and you would use it like this: {{#property:P1096|from=Q313}}


To add to Patrick's answer, "arbitrary access" to Wikidata items from other Wikipedia pages is now available:


It's currently (14 May 2015) live only on French Wikisource and Dutch Wikipedia; next week it will go live on Farsi Wikipedia, English Wikivoyage, and Hebrew Wikipedia; and if all goes well will be rolled out on all projects in June.

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