I am new to OpenFDA API, and I just got my API key and I want to get a food recalls that falls within range of dates. Could anyone provide me with an example of what would be the URL with range of dates for food recalls?

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You might want to try hurl.it for testing your calls: https://www.hurl.it/ it's really useful.

I looked at the API reference: https://open.fda.gov/api/reference/ which has directions, but all of the info there is geared towards drugs, not food.

This URL has food recall info: https://open.fda.gov/food/enforcement/

The examples are pretty good. Does that page help, or did you have a more specific question? Just remove the limit from the first example,

https://api.fda.gov/food/enforcement.json?search=report_date:[20040101+TO+20131231] and that should be your call. You may not need an API key if you are below the limit. Otherwise, you would probably add it in:



Also if you just want to visualize this call this might help - http://www.researchae.com/recalls Code is on Github here - https://github.com/GeekNurse/ResearchAE-Open-Source/blob/master/app.rb#L1609

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