An Android "device name" is an identifier of a particular model. Each device announces its model as a string. Examples of "device name" strings:

Dell Dell Streak 7 (streak7)
Toshiba Corporation AT10LE-A/AT15LE-A/AT10PE-A/AT15PE-A  (Japan: AT703) (tostab12BA)
Samsung Galaxy S3 (m0)
Foxconn International Holdings Limited IN810 (VKY)

I have identified 9295 Android device names strings.

I am trying to find more information about what devices output these names, in particular the maker.
For instance, Samsung Galaxy S3 (m0) -> Samsung

Is there a database which references these names, mapping each one to a particular maker?
Bonus if it also maps to other information like hardware specifications.

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This list from Google has devices that support Google Play, and are grouped by manufacturer. The list is updated regularly. Unfortunately, it's a PDF - LINK.

enter image description here

One option to make the data more machine readable is to convert to TXT with pdftotext - raw text

pdftotext -layout devices.pdf
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