Where can I find population data that I can link to zip codes for BE or NL?

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Note that population for postal and political regions are not often provided in the same public dataset.

An option for Belgium:

  1. 2013 population data from the government site - LINK (see right side of page)

    • Excel file for "population by commune" - LINK

    • unfortunately, uses "code INS" and not "postal code"

  2. can join population data with postal data from BE post office, on commune name - LINK (see Excel links on right side of page)

    • Excel download, sorted by postal code - LINK

(It's just a bunch of Googling. If it's useful, I can do the same for the Netherlands.)


For the Netherlands:

This data exists at zipcode and neighbourhood level, both provided by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).


The CBS publishes data per zipcode (called postalcodes in NL) on the 'kerncijfers per postcode' page.


The CBS publishes this data in their 'wijk- en buurtstatistieken':

You can also retrieve many of their other datasets through a python API: https://pypi.python.org/pypi/cbsodata
The introduction to the data portal can be found here: https://www.cbs.nl/en-gb/our-services/open-data

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