I just find out that R comes with a data about arrests in the US on its base package USArrests. This is a interesting data but only for the year 1973. Anybody knows if there is another package with a similar data but with longitudinal information?

  • Just as an aside, I think this data is purely for learning / experimenting purposes. There are more datasets like mtcars, women etc in R. Just saying don't take such data in the base package too seriously. Not that you were! Dec 23, 2014 at 20:46

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here is complete documented R code to work with all of the microdata that you are looking for



The FBI Crime Statistics/UCR data contains what you are looking for. They go back to at least 2005 (online). I think you will find what you want in Table 5, but there's lots to choice from:



virginia state police annual report from 1999-2013, in particular you want IX Arrest Totals data for Counties, Cities, Colleges and Universities, Other Agencies, Other Totals, and Total State datasets. vsp data s published here in pdf:
i've actually been working on this set for a little while now, splitting them all up into .csv, .osd, and .xlsx, etc. and va crime is here:

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