What are the legal uses of this data?

For example, could I design a non-for-profit service using this data, a for-profit application that I sell subscriptions to, or a spreadsheet that I use myself that pulls data from this website?

If this isn't the correct platform, let me know and I'll ask it somewhere more appropriate.

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This site helps to calculate the cost of living in different parts of the United States. There's a caveat about the fidelity and comprehensiveness of the data ("Consider the results a minimum cost threshold that serves as a benchmark, but only that.").

For licensing, the site references that it is part of the Living Wage Project. However, in looking through all those sites, there are no references to data use and licensing.

To verify the licensing, you can contact the author of the page or the project team. (I'm in contact now with the author to clarify the data use rules.)

  • I've been looking into how the site calculates it and I'm relatively comfortable with its methods for my purposes - namely to compare COL info across the US. So really as long as it is a somewhat consisted threshold, even if that threshold is low it should be okay. Thanks for checking with them, I tried, requested they think about an API in the future and then got very confusing responses.
    – Fernando
    Dec 2, 2014 at 17:43

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