I browsed a sample for available data at http://dbpedia.org/page/Sachin_Tendulkar. I wanted these properties as columns, so I downloaded the CSV files from http://wiki.dbpedia.org/DBpediaAsTables.

Now, when I browse the data for the same entity "Sachin_Tendulkar", I find that many of the properties are not available (e.g. the property "dbpprop:bestBowling" is not present).

How can I get all the properties which I can see at the direct resource page of the entity?


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According to DBpedia as Tables, DBpedia uses the following data to create the tables:

Each instance is described by its URI, an English label and a short abstract, the mapping-based infobox data describing the instance (extracted from the English edition of Wikipedia), geo-coordinates, and external links.

DBpedia basically provides two different types of data: the Infobox Dataset (everything beginning with dbpprop) and the Mapping-based Dataset (everything beginning with dbpedia-owl). If you're interested, you can read more about the difference.

For these tables, only the mapping-based data (dbpedia-owl:…) is used. That's why you won't find any raw infobox properties starting with dbprop — however, you can download the raw data if you're really interested.

Quick note from DBpedia about the raw infobox properties though:

Information that has been extracted from Wikipedia infoboxes. Note that this data is in the less clean /property/ namespace. The Mapping-based Properties (/ontology/ namespace) should always be preferred over this data.

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