I have become very interested in genetic algorithms or GAs (which are not necessarily related in any way to genetics or genomics; see link). This algorithmic method of searching is very well-suited to large datasets. There are Open Source projects like the Encog Machine Learning Framework that implement GAs. Wikipedia also makes claims about the wide range of fields that GAs have been applied to,

"Genetic algorithms find application in bioinformatics, phylogenetics, computational science, engineering, economics, chemistry, manufacturing, mathematics, physics, pharmacometrics and other fields."

I am wondering if there have been any studies that have applied GAs to Open Data. Manufacturing datasets are available on the Data.gov website, and I'm sure there are datasets out there somewhere for each of those other fields. I realize that not all research publications can be accessed for free, but I'm happy with just abstractions or summaries of projects.

Have any studies applied GAs to Open Data? If so, please provide pointers to them in your answer.

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Not sure if this answers the question, but there are two aspects: (1) using algorithms to analyze the holdings in a data catalog or a large (big) dataset; and (2) gathering data around genetics and genomics.

(1) There are many tools and programs underway on data analytics. Check out a large solicitation from NSF and an interagency big data initiative that references useful sites at the end.

(2) There is a growing set of data on Data.gov related to genetics and genomics, with particular recent emphasis on agriculture (Agriculture.Data.gov). And, open access to federally funded research data is a new directive from the White House in addition to the Executive Order on Open Data. Research.Data.gov is starting to categorize and organize data related to that latter directive.

(Disclaimer: I am the Evangelist for Data.gov)

  • This is really awesome, but I am looking for research that has applied a pretty specific type of algorithm. I don't mean research on genetic data, but research that used genetic algorithms. I apologize for the confusion. May 18, 2013 at 0:59

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