Minato (a ward within Tokyo) has started a bicycle sharing service called 港区自転車シェアリング.

Where can I find a database of all sharing stations of this service?


  • Latitude
  • Longitude


  • Number of slots
  • Real-time number of empty slots, broken slots
  • Altitude

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The service's map shows a map of stations: http://docomo-cycle.jp/minato/map/

Reading the JavaScript source code leads to a JSON file which contains the data with location names in Japanese:


The location names in English are found by prepending 'en' in front of portnavi.json:


Each participating ward uses the same URL syntax. Replace 'minato' with the other ward(s) name for their information.

The wards are: chiyoda yokohama sendai

This data is not always up-to-date, though, some stations are missing.

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    I have to upvote this for the effort Nicolas made reading thru a Japanese website. I double check and found that the other wards participating use the same web url syntax - docomo-cycle.jp/<ward name>/system/data/portnavi.json Commented Oct 14, 2014 at 14:54

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