I am looking for a dataset containing all US gasoline stations with addresses, similar to what is offered by http://www.allgasstations.com/ . XML, TXT or CSV formats are best.

  • fyi> I looked at allgasstations.com for the Portland, OR area which is near where I live. It doesn't appear to be reliable. I would expect upwards of a 100 stations and only 2 are listed. Worse, the addresses are for Indiana instead of Oregon. Commented Oct 9, 2014 at 15:09

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There are several sources you could compile information from.

City data portals that list gas station locations:

New Orleans: https://data.nola.gov/Administrative-Data/NOLA-Gas-Stations-Map/ic3z-bztr

Washington, DC: https://opendata.socrata.com/dataset/Gas-Stations-in-Washington-DC/tk2x-chx8

State data portals that list alternative fuel stations:

Oregon (Clear Fuel): https://data.oregon.gov/Recreation/Local-clear-Gas-stations/if4z-s7kp

Maryland (Alternative Fuels): https://data.maryland.gov/Energy-and-Environment/Public-Electric-Vehicle-Charging-Stations-and-Alte/7yut-5ayv

The Department of Energy has a dataset that lists the location of 19,000 alternative fuel stations: http://www.afdc.energy.gov/data_download

And you could do a dump from openstreetmap for locations of fuel stations that have been crowdsourced. This link should give you info on how to do that.



To elaborate on the OpenStreetMap dump idea, here are some notes. You can use overpass-turbo.eu to quickly check this idea: example query for Portland, OR, listing 477 nodes, exportable as JSON for further processing. As it is a crowd-sourced dataset, coverage may vary dramatically between regions.

If you want to execute the query for the whole US, export the Query and use the Overpass API to download the whole dump.

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