I used the following query: https://api.fda.gov/device/event.json?search=date_received:[20130101+TO+20141231]+AND+device.device_report_product_code=LLZ+AND+adverse_event_flag=Y&limit=1

In the query, adverse_event_flag field was specified as Y. However, the result I got is report number 3363982 with adverse_event_flag=N. Could anyone help me figure out whether my query is wrong?

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The problem was a minor one with query syntax: You're using equals signs = when you should be using colons :.

For example, adverse_event_flag=Y should be adverse_event_flag:Y.

The new query returns only 23 results instead of about 1300.

The openFDA API basics page has information about the correct syntax for these queries.


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