I'm hoping that someone could help me find a complete list of all countries and their relevant ISO codes. More precisely, what I'm looking for is:

ISO 4217, ISO 3166-1, ISO 639-1, country name


EUR, IE, en, Ireland

Everything I find seems to be in bit's and pieces. I could spend a lot of time fixing it all together but I was hoping that someone would know; either a way to programmatically create the list through PHP or know of a place where this has already been done?

Most relevant sources already visited:


Thanks in advance!


ISO stopped making ISO 3166-1 codes freely available from their website as of Feb. 20, 2014. For the convenience of others I stored an archived version of the last FREE versions at:


The CIA World Factbook field listing 2098 lists the official languages per country. The link is:


I have a version I converted to CSV that can be found at:


Parent link is: http://www.opengeocode.org/cude1.1/CIA/WFB/

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I've added all (249) iso country codes as comma-separated values (CSV) files on github. See countries(249)_alpha2.csv, countries(249)_alpha3.csv and countries(249)_num3.csv, files for example. Cheers.

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