We're currently creating an open database of cosmetics and beauty/body products, just like we did for OpenFoodFacts, and I was wondering whether you knew of resources that might be helpful, and liberally licensed.


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Not exactly what you are looking for but any cosmetic containing sunscreen is in the Structured Product Label dataset at FDA (http://labels.fda.gov/), which is part of the openFDA effort (https://open.fda.gov/drug/label/).


Status update: While keeping work on OpenBeautyFacts, we found:

  • the UNII database of ingredients (Public Domain, produced by the US gov) that we got linked to Wikidata (yay).
  • various glossaries and system with an unclear licence (Colour Index)
  • various ressources by the European Union (COSING), some being usable (they're not as clear on licences as the US, but it's translations made for the EU, so open)
  • Some similar projects but none with an open licence so far

We are now publishing our own data at https://world.openbeautyfacts.org/data

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