Ingress glyph hack is a mini-game where you have to remember a number of patterns.
The patterns are shown very quickly, and then you have to redraw them.
Example of a pattern:

Ingress glyph

There are not that many patterns, so most players just remember them all and stick "names" to each one, to be able to remember the sequence.

Is there a flashcards deck (ideally in Anki format) to associate patterns with easy-to-remember names?
I am not looking for a flashcards app, just for flashcards data.

The Glyphtionary is a database trying to gather all glyphs, so it could be used as a starting point to build the deck, but I don't think the images are under an open license.


I've just created an anki deck based on the ingress.tv glyphs. It is available for download as an apkg here.


One of the differences is my deck contains known 2-5 string sequences as well (well, as shown on ingress.tv). Note that the deck you have found is based on glyphtionary - I previously used this as well but found it had some minor errors (I believe they have been corrected now)now.

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I have just found an Anki deck that does exactly that:


I has 117 glyph image+name flashcards. Free.
Usable with Anki/AnkiDroid/AnkiMobile on PC/Android/iOS.

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