Thanks to Is there an open database of elementary, middle, and high schools in the United States? I found http://www.ed.gov/developers where I downloaded a list of schools ( School District / Local Education Agency (LEA) Listing ). However, I do not see where I can find a list of column definitions anywhere.

Where Can I find this information.

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Did you download the dataset directly off of http://www.ed.gov/developers ? If so, a lot of metadata and data discussion can be found in the PDF file linked to the right of the orange CSV, JSON, XML, and API links. Attaching a screenshot below.

EDIT 1: One more trick -- if you are using the API endpoint, switch rows.json in that URL to columns.json and you'll get some more information such as what the name of the column is as opposed to the lowercase/parameterized fieldName but the PDF should still have more information and explanation.

Does this help? If not, which data set are you referring to?


  • Thanks! I wish they had made that a bit more obvious. One could believe that the PDF link is a PDF version of the data on that row, or maybe it is just me :-P Commented Jul 28, 2014 at 17:33

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