CMIS is an interoperability protocol for ECM server products.

Bad news: Many ECM server products claims CMIS compatibility, but in fact many do not implement the standard correctly.
Good news: There is an easy-to-use open source tool called "TCK" that checks compatibility of an ECM server product and produces an HTML report with metrics.
Bad news: Many ECM server products have no trial version, so only people who have bought it (usually extremely expensive) can run the TCK tool on it.

QUESTION: Is there a place that gathers the TCK results of each ECM server product?
Hopefully a place where anyone can contribute their own results, under an open license.

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I found nothing so I created one: http://cmissync.org/CmisCompat

It contains for each ECM server:

  • The raw TCK test data
  • Some metrics
  • A calculated score

CMIS ranking

Creative Commons CC-BY-SA.
Data is hosted on Github, so collaboration is via pull requests.

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