I'm looking for a file that contains either all the CEOs or preferably the executive boards. Any file format is okay. I just can't find anything or any file that has this data, nor do any of the APIs I've looked through offer this.

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    Be aware that Fortune 500 is just a ranking by Fortune Business magazine. It doesn't map onto any legal definitions nor any government datasets. It's hard to use it as a valid datasource because the rankings and constituent companies constantly change. Worse, the actual ranking system used by Fortune is not public and contains, by their own admission, rather a lot of subjectivity on their part. SEC filings are your best bet for publicly traded companies. – TechZen Jul 7 '14 at 22:14
  • @TechZen thanks for the info, I was also going to look into SEC filings but thanks for explaining how the Fortune 500 works – Snoop Dogg Jul 8 '14 at 15:43

Either of these could be screen-scraped within reason or maybe they even have APIs.

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With a quick Google Search, I found these datasets:

1) Wikipedia List of chief executive officers

2) Fortune 500 This is not a dataset per se, but you can find the CEO in the infobox. Maybe you can find a way to extract the info from there.

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