I'd like to be able to query to discover what's on the ballot - from local measures to Presidential elections.

Is there a source that combines all of this data? Or is there a standard that's relatively well implemented in the majority of locations that can be leveraged?


Several sources of this kind of information:

  • Ballotpedia - lots of information, but in wiki pages, so not well-structured/API-able.
  • The Ballot Information Project - an NOI project; a fair bit of data, structured (with an API, I think?)
  • The Voting Information Project - this one has big sponsors (Google, etc.), and has an API as well.
  • Project Votesmart - Used to be the place to go for this kind of thing, but now charges for their data; still, they have a lot of stuff and could be a fallback, depending on whether the other sources have what you're looking for.

If you are simply looking for information that can be found on the ballot I think Google's Civic API is your best bet. Specifically the Contests section.

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