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How can I extract all personal names? There's more than one category, so not sure how to go about that.

Edit: I need this information in a format that Excel can read (so csv or json would do). I also need to delete (or not extract) anything which isn't a personal name as the wiktionary dump is 8 gigs unpacked.

The information I want is:

  • The name - Cecil

  • IPA pronounciation (and alternative pronunciations) - /ˈsiːsəl/;/ˈsɛsəl/

  • Translations: Basque: Zezilio Belarusian: Цэцылій m (Cecylij) Italian: Cecilio (it) m Latin: Caecilius m Polish: Cecyliusz (pl) m Portuguese: Cecílio (pt) m Spanish: Cecilio (es) m Ukrainian: Цецилій m (Cecylij)

  • Pet forms (these are for the name James, as none are listed for Cecil):

    Jaime Jake Jambo Jamie Jay Jem Jemmy Jim Jimbo Jimmi Jimmie Jimmy

  • Descendants:

English: Jim (diminutive)

English: Jimbo (diminutive)

(jimbo) Hawaiian: Kimo

(diminutive) English: Jamie, Jamey (diminutive)

(diminutive) Chinese: 詹姆斯 (Zhānmǔsī) (transliteration)

Cornish: Jammes, Jamma

Danish: James

Fijian: Semesa

Icelandic: James

Irish: Séamas, Séamus, Seumas

English: Seamus, Shamus

Manx: Jayms

Maori: Hemi

Samoan: Semisi

Scottish Gaelic: Seumas

English: Hamish

Swedish: James Welsh: SiâmsEnglish: Jimmy, Jimmie, Jimmi, JimiHindi: जिम्बोEnglish: Jem (diminutive) English: JemmyEnglish: Jay

Including pronunciations in all languages.



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