We are using below mentioned API to fetch data based on product code and date range:


From the above API response we can clearly see that the API data has been updated on 10-Oct-2023 and therefore it should include all the data/records of the previous month as well ie data for Sep-2023 but it is missing the records of 30-Sep-2023 which are present on -


Also request you to please let us know the frequency of API updated as earlier it says that it updates every week and now it says a monthly update from the below URL.


Kindly suggest.

Thanks, Shailendra Jetpuria

  • Just a reminder to not include your API key when posting questions online Oct 19, 2023 at 15:01
  • I just did a search on the UI for 09/30/2023 as you said in your post. UI does not return any results, either: No records were found with Report Date From: 09/30/2023 Report Date To: 09/30/2023 Oct 19, 2023 at 15:29

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The Device Event endpoint updates weekly (typically, over weekends) as mentioned here.

openFDA builds its Device Event endpoint from the FDA MAUDE data files posted by the FDA on this page. Regardless of what the MAUDE Search webpage displays, the data needs to be available within those files in order to be processed by openFDA.

Let me force a Device Event update in openFDA now and see what I can find out about the discrepancy.


Just to follow up on this, the MAUDE Search page does not return any results for OXO for 09/30/2023, either. The most recent one is 9/29/2023: enter image description here

And we do have those in openFDA as well: https://api.fda.gov/device/event.json?search=date_received:[20230901+TO+20231027]+AND+device.device_report_product_code.exact:OXO&limit=1000&sort=date_received:desc

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