I'm quite confused - like many others - with the license that Meta adds to the models' weights.

The segment-anything repository or even the paper (I read it) do not say anything about the weights i.e:

  • Are the weights for which they provide a completely open URL link also Apache 2.0 as the model is?

Models should be Architecture + Weights, but the wrong-use has made it ambiguous.

Also, reading the issues and twitter, plus that the fact that there are some companies using this commercially, seems to imply that this is the case.

But I don't like ambiguity in such a simple, well-known scenario; especially given that you need 250 GPUs to train this model in a reasonable amount of time (so we want the pre-trained weights.)

  • Apart from emailing them and possibly wait forever, what do you recommend ?
  • Is the Apache 2.0 linked license plus the fact that they do not say anything about the weights and provide a standard URL to download it enough to be safe legally ?

Is allowed if it is not explicitly forbidden, to assume they don't have a license (or it's Apache which is the same for most people use-case), but they aren't restricted to research ?

(A different thing is the SA-B1 Dataset, which are restricted to research purposes.)


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